Sunday, May 24, 2009


thanks Sophie, Minyoung and Joohyung! you guys have successfully got me addicted! LOL
Bigbang & 2ne1 - Lollipop

2ne1 - Fire 

Get addicted. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

You know you make me feel like dancing~

I am the happy girl whom at the moment feels like banging her head on the wall so that her skull cracks open and is thus able to shove Anne Marie's histo stuff in, then prays it stays there till the 22nd of June. 

As you can see, this happy girl currently writing this post is on the verge of insanity.. oh no.. or should i say, have long gone way past the point of no return.. i.e. have lost it.. 

Yet despite this insanity that overcame me I shall still declare that I am one happy girl due to certain reasons only comprehensible by a person who understands the heart of a woman. Hohohhho! Oh dear god.. please save this poor happy soul! 

Ok. so I better get back to studying.
Toodles my dears.

I can do it baby, I know I can, and I will. 
"For I can do anything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need."
Phillipians 3:14

Dear God, 
I'm just hoping that things will perfectly fall into place by your will. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Updates -the beautiful town-

Updates from so long ago~~~~~~~

@some remote place called Risdon Cove to do some rural thing weeks weeks ago. 

(little tiffany the tree nypmh)

(Julian breakdancing)

Behold our city-patho-paktoh-adventures with patho/paktoh partner: Tiff!! :)
little italy! pasta+chilli--> flies to heaven! 

Hobart (more like Sandy Bay)

Jessica's Bday & Mini Golf! 

Nick's bday @ Mures! 

@the park later that night
Some other randoms: 
Good food
Behold: sky pictures:-
Library-till-10pm-days with TIFF! 
(i just have to put some self-pics up eh? oh-my, the narcissist in me has taken over. hohoho!)


Right now, VEWEN = headache/studying histo/blur/tired/stone. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

burning eyes and a fried brain.

i have a love-hate relationship with my studies.

penyakit jatuh and clumsy-wen is back. T.T

Monday, May 11, 2009

Leavers '08

A big thank you to Director Michelle Chu for producing such wonderful videos!!! :D 
Part 1: 

Part 2:click here
(it's on my facebook :))

when each picture tells a story
of times we've all had fun together 
and laughed together
and cried together
in our hearts we'll remember and look back upon
these years we've all had and known each other
and we come to realise
as we move on into the future, chasing after our dreams, 
that all those crazy moments
and memories 
that now seem so far away
are actually residing deep within our hearts, in the back of our minds
it's still there... engraved deep into our soul
and no, it will never go away
it will never be forgotten...
these footprints that we've left in each other's hearts...
it has become a part of us
a fragment of our lives that we've shared.

thanks for all the times
thanks for all the moments
and thanks for all the smiles.
but most importantly, thanks for everything we've left each other with..
something we can hold on to, and reminisce.. and remember.. and laugh about in the future. 

i pray that we will never forget these special moments we've all had and hold dearly
and i hope that we will keep these beautiful friendships going
as long as it can last and as far as it can go...

forever we remember
forever friends
forever the leavers of 2008.
(Phang Ve Wen, 2009)

Missing you guys terribly! T.T
Hope all of you are doing fine wherever you are! Keep in touch!! :D
will have further updates soon.. too tired to do that now.. ;D

Monday, April 20, 2009


regretting is one of the things i hate the most. but i keep doing it anyway. 

Essay = doomed screwed die. brain apoptosis. 

i miss everyone. i seriously do. 
Penang, Perth,
Where I belong.
My place. 
My family. 
My home.
I miss it. everything. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hari Ini Kurasa Bahagia~

not. lol. found out some things i wish i hadn't. sigh well it's okay. let's move on everybody~~ 
Happy Easter! 
Easter Holidays are ending! omfg. shit. damn. die. have wasted my hols away doing nothing productive and so on. sigh. wat to do. wat to do. wat to do. work's piling up and i have this feeling i won't be able to get good sleep in the weeks to come. sigh. 
oh well. feeling a little like shit but i think i'll be able to manage somehow. optimism is the way to go! whooooot! hahaha. it's strange how everytime you make up ur mind to study and such but you just automatically feel sleepy/extremely tired etc. hmm. what does that say? 
ahh. have settled few important stuffs and feeling relieved. past few weeks wasn't very nice but i think everything's okay now? maybe? i'm just taking things slowly now one step at a time. not expecting anything and if things happen, they happen. yes. go with the flow. like i always do. too tired to think bout things and i'm not going to. just gonna do what i feel like doing. hahahaha. feeling pretty relaxed here. hehes. 
Skyping is a good thing. :) seriously. will always get hyped up after talking/seeing my friends i've been missing so much. :D skype skype session is always great. :D mich! ellie! vic! iyesha! :D 
ah sorry i know this blog post is super boring and random like the rest but can't help it. i'm bored but dunno what to do/blog bout so im just ranting out useless uninteresting stuffs. triple sigh.

Some Randoms:
Day to city/Nandos/North Hobart: 
(mich remember this pose? in the CCGS male toilet?? :D)
Oreo Cheesecake we made couple of weeks ago. looks crap but tastes like heaven! :D 
Cookie day!(night?:)) Yum yum! :D
Sky picture outside my window. 
Sky = one of God's best creations. different everyday, lovely to watch. :)
Fave food: Amanda's yummy chicken rice! :)
Graffiti on toilet boards(in the cubicle) in the library toilets which says: "Don't piss on my back and tell me its raining." reading all these while you're peeing makes a pee-session more interesting. LOL
Scary stapler in library which makes a loud noise. 

A cartoon character which Hassan says looks like me. :) see the resemblance? :D 
Little white riding hood? :)
Beloved neighbour~Fern~ :) 
A little vain-ness

that's all for today folks. 
tata. toodles. sayonara. ahnyung igasaeyo! selamat tinggal. goodbye! zai jian! 

Iljimae! Lee Jun Ki is so cute! :) 
Drinking tea is nice. :D